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We would like to present to you the Professor Awards of 2020. Due to the current situation, the event this year takes place via a video format. All the professors contributed to make this possible and send us their videos. The overall theme of today's event is "embracing change". Without further due, we hope you enjoy this years Professor Awards! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear fellow BA and IBA students, year 1, 2, and 3,

The RSM SR is in steady contact with Programme Managements and your Professors from all cohort years. Today, on the 8th of April 2020, a meeting was held with Adri Meijdam, Executive Director of RSM, a few members from the RSM Programme Committee, and from the SR Board. On the behalf of all students, whether Dutch or International, whether BA or IBA, whether abroad or in the NL, this is the letter that the RSM Student Representation addressed and sent in response to RSM’s (EUR’s) reactions to the current circumstances. This letter is not meant to open another space for discussions and rumours but to increase transparency at RSM (EUR), to stand up for students and professors, and to provide our support to the faculty. In case of questions or concerns please email info@rsmsr.nl.

Stay healthy and stay happy! Your RSM SR.
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As the Secretary & Treasurer of SR, you will be in charge of all internal organisational processes and the financial aspects of the organization.

Some tasks may include:
Create a budget and approve/reject the budget requests from board members
Monitor the cash-in and out-flows
Create and publish the annual report of the organisation
In charge of the general internal organisation (taking minutes of meetings, schedule event location…

This year I am also involved in improving RSM and SR’s feedback mechanisms.

For the position of secretary and treasurer, some organisation skills are needed as well as knowledge of financial processes and procedure. Having a critical mindset, good communication skills and values such as punctuality and diligence will make of you a great candidate for the position!

What I can tell from my own experience in the board of SR so far is that by joining the board, you will first be part of an incredible team and lead at your own scale a small organisation while still being at uni!

Want to know more? Still have some questions?
Contact me - @camillefossaert

Or Join one of our online event next week:

Open Virtual Board meeting - Tuesday 7th April at 11:00 am

Online Q&A 1 - Friday 10th April at 11:00 am
Online Q&A 2 - Tuesday 14th April at 11:00 am
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As 3. Year Coordinator you oversee a team of 20 (I)BA Reps. It is special as you coordinate both IBA & BA plus the representation of exchange, internship, and minors. Big bonus – you can restructure your role as it is new! Your tasks split into 3 areas. Feedback management is the development of research methods and assessment of course analysis reports. Internal management relates to your team – recruit, train, and motivate your Reps! External management refers to your RSM network. Hold check-up meetings with Programme Managers, chat with International Office and Career Centre during exchange and internships, and build SR’s network of the RSM Minor Representation!

An analytical mindset and structured work approach are a must. Identify problems & solutions, know how to build a cohesive line of argumentation in-text, how to manage time and set priorities, and know your opportunities and limits! A high level of English(!) and Dutch (preferably) is needed. Most importantly, be kind and creative to work with your team.
Expect to boost your confidence and leadership skills, to adopt an effective mix of attention to detail and a bird’s-eye view, optimise your professionalism, and build your network!
If you are ready to take on a challenge, if you love working with people, and if you are curious, flexible, and ambitious, this is YOUR role. Interested? Shoot me a message! @liviaglsm or rsmsr.thirdyearcoordinator@gmail.com.
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As the Marketing & Events Coordinator, you will be responsible for leading different committees to organize internal and also external events for SR, and also create awareness for the organization via various creative marketing techniques on social media and other platforms. The external events range from “Drinks with your Professor” to Professor awards, while internal events include the SR Trip and Member’s Day. This makes your job extremely important as you will be the front line in giving people a sense of belongingness.

Requirements for the job, range from good organizational skills to time management and the ability to lead, being creative, spontaneous and open-minded. It is very important that you are able to listen to your members and maybe even at some point make them push their own ideas and concepts. I have personally found this to be the best way to go.

Long story short, if you are looking for an exciting and creative year, in which you can improve your interpersonal and organizational skills and maybe even make new friends, then apply to be a Marketing & Events Coordinator

Of course, if you have any further questions or if you just need someone to talk to, you can always contact me on @alexvanrompuy

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Being a Representative BA

Het belangrijkste doel van de Student Representation (SR) is het verbeteren van de kwaliteit van het onderwijs aan RSM, Erasmus University. Dit gebeurt door het faciliteren van en het verbeteren van het uitwisselen van feedback  tussen de studenten en het faculteits personeel. SR geeft studenten een stem en zorgt dat hun mening wordt gehoord. Om dit te bereiken, worden studentenvertegenwoordigers zorgvuldig geselecteerd en opgeleid. Deze vertegenwoordigers verzamelen vervolgens feedback  via verschillende kanalen en hebben een persoonlijk gesprek met de docent of coördinator van het vak dat zij vertegenwoordigen. Dit bevordert de relatie tussen de SR en het Program Management.

De Student Representationbevorderen de samenwerking tussen de Nederlandse BA vertegenwoordiging en de internationale IBA vertegenwoordiging. Dit gebeurt door middel van het uitwisselen van informatie en ervaringen tussen de studentenvertegenwoordigers. Daarnaast zullen ‘oude’ vertegenwoordigers hun ervaringen met betrekking tot bepaalde vakken en docenten delen, zodat herhaalde fouten en problemen worden voorkomen.



De Student Representation (SR) is verantwoordelijk voor het creëren en handhaven van een goede relatie tussen studenten, professoren en het Program Management. Het verzamelen van feedback en het geven van advies wordt op een zorgvuldige manier gedaan, hiermee probeert de SR de algehele kwaliteit van de cursussen te verbeteren.

Het succesvol vertegenwoordigen van vakken heeft de hoogste prioriteit binnen de Student Representation, daarom is het van cruciaal belang nieuwe studentenvertegenwoordigers te werven en op te leiden. RSM Bachelor vakken worden vertegenwoordigd door tenminste twee studenten. Tijdens het eerste college zullen de studentenvertegenwoordigers zich voorstellen aan de studenten. Zij zijn verantwoordelijk voor het communiceren van mogelijke problemen naar de professor toe en het verzamelen van algemene feedback via verschillende kanalen, zoals enquêtes, persoonlijke gesprekken en e-mails.

Vertegenwoordigers moeten feedback ontvangen van minstens 30 verschillende studenten om een betrouwbare indruk van de cursus te krijgen. In totaal hebben ze twee persoonlijke ontmoetingen met de professor per trimester (halverwege het trimester en na het eindtentamen). Na het tussentijdsgesprek zal een midtermverslag een overzicht van de feedback en de resultaten van het gesprek laten zien. Hier wordt gekeken naar verbeteringen ten opzichte het voorgaande jaar. Het midtermverslag en het eindverslag worden gecontroleerd door de coördinatoren en doorgecommuniceerd naar het Program Management en de studenten.