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3 days ago

RSM Student Representation

We are now officially recruiting the new board for the academic year 2020/2021 for SR!!. Can you see yourself in our shoes? Are you ready to take the next step? Do you want to speak your mind? Then apply for one of our seven available positions:

Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer, IBA Coordinator, BA Coordinator, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Programme Advisory Coordinator, 3rd-Year Coordinator

In the upcoming days, we will present to you each of these positions in more detail. Pros and Cons, job description, stories, own experience etc. We will also host online recruitment events such as an online board meeting and a Q&A session where all your questions can be answered.

The Student Representation’s mission is to improve the quality of the education at RSM Erasmus University by facilitating and improving the feedback exchange between the students and faculty.

Any student of RSM can apply to become a member of the board, including students who are currently not SR members as well as all bachelor, master and pre-master students. The application deadline is the 15th of April at 23:59

You can always find more information on the website rsmsr.nl which includes documents such as our mission and organization, which will all together give you a greater idea of what is ahead. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@rsmsr.nl.
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🔴 Stay tuned to find out where will SR go this year✈️ ... See MoreSee Less

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🎬🔴Little throwback of this year’s Member’s Day!!! 🔴🎬 ... See MoreSee Less

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🔴🔴 Remember to apply for our 3rd year Reps this year!! All the details on how to apply are on our website rsmsr.nl! The deadline is Sunday the 19th at 23:59! We look forward to seeing you soon and joining the SR family ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome back (I)BA3! (Dutch version below)

The RSM Student Representation is happy to announce that it is time for recruitment as this is your final year of IBA! We are looking for convincing potential IBA3 and BA3-representatives. As an (I)BA-Rep, YOU will play a role in the education system, politics, and communication dynamics of the RSM faculty.

Your role? Being the feedback channel between – and a spokesperson for – professors, Programme Management, and the student body. Arrange Professor meetings, conduct performance analysis reports, and consult your fellow students.

What is in it for you? Work on your problem-solving, communication skills, and analytical mindset and pump up your CV for post-Bachelor activities. Also, benefit from new friends and free beer during social gatherings.

How to apply? Send CV and cover letter to info@rsmsr.nl by Sunday, January 19th, 2020 at 23:59pm. We will also be happy to welcome you at our recruitment drinks at de Smitse on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 at 5pm.
We look forward to your applications. Cheers, your RSM SR​


De RSM Student Representation is verheugd om aan te kondigen dat het tijd is voor de werving van de derdejaars vertegenwoordigers! We zijn op zoek naar overtuigende potentiële IBA3- en BA3-vertegenwoordigers. Als BA-Rep, zal JIJ een rol spelen in het onderwijssysteem, de politiek en de communicatiedynamiek van de faculteit RSM.

Jouw rol? Het feedbackkanaal zijn tussen - en een woordvoerder voor - professoren, Programme Management en de studenten. Organiseer vergaderingen met jouw professor, schrijf een analyseverslag en raadpleeg jouw medestudenten.

Wat zit er voor jou in? Werk aan je probleemoplossende, communicatieve vaardigheden en analytische mindset en pomp je CV op voor post-bacheloractiviteiten. Profiteer ook van nieuwe vrienden en gratis bier tijdens onze beruchte sociale bijeenkomsten.

Hoe kan je solliciteren? Stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar info@rsmsr.nl vóór zondag 19 januari 2020 om 23:59 uur. We verwelkomen je ook graag op onze recruitment drink bij de Smitse op dinsdag 14 januari 2020 om 17.00 uur.
Wij kijken uit naar jouw sollicitatie. Tot snel, jouw RSM SR.
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Meet the SR Board!

Kubilay Özdemir (BA Coordinator), Sam van der Meer (Programme Advisory), Livia Gelsomino (3rd year Coordinator), Jordie van der Burgt (Chairman), Camille Fossaert (Secretary & Treasurer), Alexander Van Rompuy (Marketing and Events Coordinator) and Malin Holm (IBA Coordinator).

Jordie van der Burgt

– Chairman –

Hi! As a chair, I am in charge of the board, responsible for the entire organisation and thus mainly responsible for making this year into a success. Besides that, any stakeholder can contact me when there are questions regarding the organisation. I joined SR in my first year as an IBA representative and last year I was part of the Trip Committee. Besides SR, I am a student member of the Erasmus University Council, where I help to review and improve policy decisions for the entire university.

Camille Fossaert

– Secretary & Treasurer –

In my position of Secretary and Treasurer, I am responsible for all the papers and issues related to the administrative part of the association. For example, I am in charge of the SR budget, of writing down the minutes of our board meetings, reading the emails, organizing the bills and so on. Besides being part of the board this year, I used to be a rep last year. I also love doing sports, especially tennis, running and rowing. So feel free to reach out to me for any questions about SR, being a rep, or just for a run in Rotterdam, I would be more than happy to help you. 

Malin Holm

– IBA Coordinator –

I will be, as my position says, coordinating all the 1st and 2nd year IBA reps. That means I will be training, guiding and helping out if needed, but will also have a lot of preparations and meetings behind the scenes. Last year I was a rep myself, for the courses Intro to Business, Effective Business Communication and Foundations of Finance and Accounting. Aside from SR, I will also be on this year’s Faculty Council. Throughout my High School I spend a year as an exchange student in the US. After getting my diploma I took a gap year where, besides working, I travelled to various countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Feel free to always reach out to me, whether it’s related to SR or not, I am always down for a coffee!

Kubilay Özdemir

– BA Coordinator –

Hi guys, as the BA Coordinator I will be responsible for the first and second year BA representatives. This implies that I will be giving trainings and that I will be guiding the reps. I will work closely together with the IBA Coordinator and 3rd year Coordinator to make sure the representation will run smoothly. Last year I was in the same position as you, being a representative (Gedrag in Organisaties and Strategisch Bedrijfsplan). It’s completely normal if you don’t know everything. If you have questions, please ask! You can always come up to me and we can sit down and have a coffee or other beverage of your choice ;).

Sam van der Meer

– Programme Advisory –

As the PA Coordinator I am responsible for gathering feedback on the programme structure and environment of both IBA and BA for further improvements as well as addressing issues beyond the scope of a single course. The most interesting thing about my job is the close communication and collaboration with the RSM body. Last year I was already a part of Programme Advisory where I was responsible for writing reports about diversity within RSM and the identity of RSM students. Besides being a boring student, I love to play tennis, to go out with friends or just to watch Netflix. You can always contact me in case you have problems and I am always in for a party and to have (some) drinks.

Livia Gelsomino

– 3rd year Coordinator –

Hi there! One of the key tasks of a Third-Year Coordinator is the coordination of the Minor Reps in the seventh trimester. The RSM Minors are a popular alternative to an exchange or internship. This year, (I)BA has been completely restructured. As the IBA student- spokesperson, I am part of the Boost The Bachelor committee focusing on the reformation of course contents and -structures, grade-systems, etc. The quintessence is that SR has a great impact on our education system! Myself I am an IBA2 student, born and raised in Italy and Germany. Last year I was a representative myself which is how I learned to appreciate the SR family!
At SR, we have an open door and free coffee policy. If you are interested in our organization, feel free to stop by at our office in Mandeville (T05-54) on the EUR campus.

Alexander Van Rompuy

– Marketing & Events Coordinator –

Hello! As the Marketing and Events Coordinator, I will be responsible for organizing the internal and external events of our Organisation, such as Drinks with your Professors, Professor Awards and the SR trip. Moreover, I will also be responsible for the Marketing aspect of SR, which entails to ensure that the overall mission and message of SR will be clear to the student body, external bodies and the university of course. Last year I was also a representative for IBA 1, for the courses QMT: Mathematics, Microeconomics and Academic Writing. Besides university, my hobbies are Music and photography. Please feel free to always contact me if you need help with anything or just need tips for your first year at uni. I am always happy to help!