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We are honoured to present the Professor Awards 2021! Similar to last year, this event is pre-recorded and all professors, supporting staff and students contributed to make this video possible! This year’s theme is “Moving Forward”. We hope you take the time to watch and support the nominated and winning professors of 2021!
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Join us for Professor Awards 2021 on Thursday, May 27 on our Instagram and Facebook! The time has come for you to honour the BEST professor of each year and final voting takes place now! VOTE NOW!
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Do you want to meet new people at RSM? Feel the need to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself? We have the perfect online event for you!

Together with Prof. Madertoner, SR will be hosting an online pub quiz open to any RSM student! All participants have the chance to win a special online escape room voucher. Get to know your fellow students in an informal and interactive environment on Thursday, 29 October at 6PM CET! Link below to sign up for our event now!
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Laatste kans om te solliciteren als Student Representative van jaar 1!

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The SR 2020 Recruitment is coming to an end! Send us your application by this Sunday, 13 September 11:59PM CEST!


Applications consist of your CV and motivation letter, and remember that you can apply for multiple positions!

Recruitment is open for the following positions:
IBA/BA 1 Student Representatives
IBA/BA 2 Student Representatives
Marketing Committee
Events Committee
SR Trip Committee
Professor Awards Committee
Programme Advisory
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Meet the SR Board!

Clockwise from top left: Malena Ullrich (3rd Year Coordinator), Lars Jennissen (BA Coordinator), Charlotte Droste (Chairwoman), Dimitri Hagiarian (IBA Coordinator), Charlotte Quon (Marketing and Events Coordinator), Felix Bracht (Secretary & Treasurer), and Paula van den Brink (Programme Advisory Coordinator)

Charlotte Droste


Hi! I’m an IBA2 student, originally from Germany, and gathered previous experience within SR, as a student representative in my first year. Aside from my board position, I will work part-time as a Business Analyst for Snap Inc. As Chair, I will oversee the organisation’s operations, am responsible for the members’ development and will work towards our organisation’s goals. These goals include a master venture, adapting to an online environment, and creating an SR alumni network. Feel free to reach out to me any time. We’re excited to have you on board!

Felix Bracht

– Secretary & Treasurer –

Hello everyone! I am 20 years old and am currently an IBA2 student from Germany. In my position as Secretary and Treasurer, I am responsible for all the papers and issues related to the administrative part of the association. For example, I oversee SR’s budget, board meeting minutes, the SR email, organising bills, etc. Last year, I was a Student Representative for Professional Development, am currently also part of the Case Club and play on a Volleyball Team at Erasmus Volley. I also love playing sports, especially tennis and running. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions about SR, being a rep, or just going for run in Rotterdam, I would be more than happy to help you.

Dimitri Hagiarian

– IBA Coordinator –

Hello hello! I am a French second-year IBA student with the exciting role and responsibility of recruiting, training and supervising a group of 1st and 2nd year Student Representatives in IBA. The overarching SR goal of improving the quality of education at RSM is one that truly captivates me as it impacts both current and future cohorts. Aside from SR, I love spending time with friends, partying, biking around the city or just getting to know people! I also work as a mentor for 1st year students and am a member in the BSc Programme Committee. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have a question or want to meet up!


Lars Jennissen

– BA Coordinator –

Hey guys! Welcome to SR. I am currently an BA2 student and last year, I was Student Representative for the Professional Development course. As the BA Coordinator, I am responsible for the first and second year Student Representatives of the BA programme. I aim for all the student body feedback to be heard by both professors and the university, so that courses can be improved. Together with the IBA Coordinator and the Third Year Coordinator, we will ensure that both IBA and BA representation will run smoothly. Besides SR, I am also a member of ‘de Zeil’ student association, a big fan of watching movies and series and I love to hang out with friends on the weekends. If you have any questions about BA, SR or about being a representative, feel free to reach out to me!

Malena Ullrich

-Third Year Coordinator –

Hi there! In my position as Third Year Coordinator, I will support my BA and IBA reps in their roles wherever possible. I collaborate closely with my reps, professors and programme management to ensure your voice is heard on all organisational levels. Since my reps are the last cohort to follow the “old” bachelor programmes, it’s all hands-on deck to make sure you have a fantastic final year at RSM. Besides SR, I am a second-year IBA student originally from Germany and enjoy playing football in Rotterdam. This year, I will be working as an IBA1 TA and am part of the Boost the Bachelor committee which further shapes the new curriculum and for this, I will need all your input!


Charlotte Quon

– Marketing & Events Coordinator –

Hi everyone! My position involves overseeing the internal and external events that SR organises such as the SR Member’s Day, SR Trip and Professor Awards. Therefore, I am responsible for several small committees; the Marketing, Events, SR Trip and Professor Awards Committees. I am also in charge of promoting and spreading awareness about SR’s continuous improvements to both the (I)BA programmes. Aside from SR, I am a current IBA2 student from Vancouver, Canada and my hobbies include skiing, baking, reading and sailing. If you have any concerns about SR, RSM, student life or even studying abroad, I would be more than happy to talk to you!


Paula van den Brink

– Programme Advisory Coordinator-

Hi! As this year’s Programme Advisory Coordinator, I am responsible for supporting the following PA committees: Examinations, 7thTrimester, and Programme Development. The goal of these committees is to gather feedback and conduct research on the (I)BA courses from a holistic viewpoint and work towards the continuous improvement of the RSM bachelor programmes. To ensure effective collaboration, I am in close contact with various RSM bodies. I am also a part of the Boost the Bachelor committee, which concerns the redesign of the bachelor programmes. Last year, I was an SR representative and besides being a student, I enjoy going to the gym, travelling, and going out for dinner with friends. If you have any questions about SR, RSM, or student life in general, don’t hesitate reach out to me!