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RSM Student Representation
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SR is hosting an alumni event where you will get the chance to listen to and discuss various interesting topics with our wonderful alumni! It will take place on Tuesday, February 8th, 17:30 - 19:00 in T3-02 or online. Interested? 🤔 Don’t miss a chance and sign up through the following link:forms.gle/zWVeF9YaCL7CwGX18 P.S. There will be pizza afterwards!🍕😜Read more about our alumni:⭐Dolly⭐ was the Programme Advisory Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. She studied IBA (BSc) and Global Business & Sustainability (MSc) at RSM. Now she is working as an Innovator Analyst at Fashion For Good.⭐Isabel⭐ was the Chair of the SR Board in 2017-2018 and is now part of the SR Supervisory Board. She studied IBA (BSc), Marketing Management (MSc), and Human resource management (MSc) at RSM. Currently, she is a Corporate Recruiter at TOPdesk.⭐Evert⭐ was the Marketing & Events Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. He studied BA (BSc) at RSM, Global Strategic Management (MSc) at ESADE, and Global Commerce (MSc) at the University of Virginia. Currently, he is part of the International Talent Programme at ING. ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴PROFESSOR AWARDS 2021🔴We are honoured to present the Professor Awards 2021! Similar to last year, this event is pre-recorded and all professors, supporting staff and students contributed to make this video possible! This year’s theme is “Moving Forward”. We hope you take the time to watch and support the nominated and winning professors of 2021! ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴FINAL VOTING PROFESSOR AWARDS🔴 Join us for Professor Awards 2021 on Thursday, May 27 on our Instagram and Facebook! The time has come for you to honour the BEST professor of each year and final voting takes place now! VOTE NOW! www.rsmsr.nl/professor-awards-2021/ ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴🔴ONLINE PUB QUIZ🔴🔴Do you want to meet new people at RSM? Feel the need to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself? We have the perfect online event for you!Together with Prof. Madertoner, SR will be hosting an online pub quiz open to any RSM student! All participants have the chance to win a special online escape room voucher. Get to know your fellow students in an informal and interactive environment on Thursday, 29 October at 6PM CET! Link below to sign up for our event now! chat.whatsapp.com/B6eS8pcWUm12hPgFRNuaQ3 ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet the SR Board!

From left to right: Ata Engin (IBA Coordinator), Xin Yun Stiemsma (Programme Advisory Coordinator), Turan Gadzijev (Secretary & Treasurer), Lilian Florence Paardekooper (Chairwoman), Tom Robert van Slijpe (BA Coordinator), Bo van den Berg (3rd Year Coordinator), and Hilde Dales (Marketing and Events Coordinator)

Lilian Florence Paardekooper


Hey everyone! I’m a BA2 student and the Chairperson of SR. My main tasks as Chair will be to manage and organise SR as an organisation. This means that I will lead both board and general meetings. Moreover, I’m responsible for the member’s development and for working towards SR’s goals, such as the further development of the master venture, transitions between the online and offline environment, and enhancing the SR alumni network. Besides wanting to improve RSM by being part of SR, I will also strive for this by being a TA. In my free time, I love to travel, run, ski and to get to know new people and cultures :). If you have any questions about SR, RSM or student life in Rotterdam, feel free to reach out to me!

Hilde Dales

– Marketing & Events Coordinator –

Hi everyone! I’m a Supply Chain Management Master student and this year’s Marketing and Events Coordinator. My responsibility lies with overseeing various marketing & events-related activities. Along with several small committees, I coordinate events such as the SR Member’s Day, SR Trip, and Professor Awards. I’m also in charge of developing multi-channel campaigns to drive awareness about SR’s continuous improvements to the (I)BA and (Pre)Master programs. Besides SR, my hobbies include cooking, reading, hiking, and playing sudoku. I enjoy interacting with people from all kinds of backgrounds. We might have more in common than we think!

Bo van den Berg

– Third Year Coordinator –

Hi there! I’m a third year double degree student and this year I will take on the exciting role of being the Third Year Coordinator. I’m very passionate about our education and I look forward to contributing to it. As the Third Year Coordinator, I will train, guide and support my reps wherever possible. The third year is a very special year, with it’s minors, electives and from this year on, it’s tracks. To ensure this year runs smoothly, I collaborate closely with my reps, professors and programme management to ensure your voice is heard on all organisational levels. Besides SR, I enjoy being busy and spend my time painting, reading and cooking. This year, I will also be working as a trainer at Athena Studies and I am a part of the Boost the Bachelor Committee which further shapes the new curriculum. Feel free to reach out to me at any point, SR related or not. I am always happy to get in contact with you!

Tom Robert van Slijpe

– BA Coordinator –

Hello everyone! I’m a 22 year old BA2 student from the Netherlands. Last year I gathered experience in SR through my function as Professional Development and Mentoring Representative. This year I will fill the shoes of Lars Jenissen as your new BA and Pre-Master Coordinator. Therefore I will be recruiting, training and supervising a group of 1st and 2nd year Student Representatives in BA. I’m very excited to make a change and will do my very best to incorporate the mission statement of RSM in my work. Aside from SR, I love to play the piano and guitar and sing along whenever possible. Other ways my spare time is spent include getting drinks with friends, meeting new people, working out and of course exploring Rotterdam! If you have questions about anything, feel free to reach out.

Ata Engin

– IBA Coordinator –

Hello everyone! I’m a 2nd year IBA student from Turkey. During my first year at RSM, I was one of the Student Representatives for the Introduction to Business, Finance, and Operations Management courses. As the IBA and English Premaster Coordinator, I’ll be responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising more than twenty first-year and second-year IBA student representatives as well as English premaster student representatives. I believe that the students are the ones who can truly improve the quality of education at RSM. Being the bridge between students and the RSM staff is an absolutely valuable experience for me. Together with my role on the SR board, I’ll be the Program Director of Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship Students this year. Aside from these, I enjoy cooking and playing musical instruments. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions or remarks!

Turan Gadzijev

– Secretary & Treasurer –

Hello everyone! My name is Turan and I am currently an IBA2 student. I was born and raised in Estonia but moved to the Netherlands to continue my studies. As the Secretary&Treasurer, my task will be to handle the administrative side of SR, like forming the annual budget, planning and creating protocols for meetings, and keeping the office organised among other tasks. Being a student representative last year inspired me to take on this position, as I got to know the importance of SR firsthand. I like to spend my free time exercising, watching old movies and hanging out with friends. If you’d ever like to explore the city together or just ask me some questions, feel free to contact me anytime!

 Xin Yun Stiemsma 

– Programme Advisory Coordinator-

Hi! I’m a second-year IBA student and am pleased to pursue my involvement within SR. In my position of Programme Advisory Coordinator, I am responsible for the following PA committees: Examinations, Internship & Exchange, and Programme Development. These committees gather feedback and conduct research on the (I)BA courses from a holistic viewpoint, aiming to improve both bachelor programmes. To ensure effective collaboration, I’m in close contact with various RSM bodies. Besides that, I’m part of the Boost the Bachelor committee, which focuses on redesigning the (I)BA curriculum. This year, I also continue to fulfil my role as a student member of the BSc Programme Committee. In my free time, I enjoy photography, exploring new places, and trying new recipes. If you would like to learn more about SR, RSM, or student life in general, do not hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to connect!