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RSM Student Representation
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SR is hosting an alumni event where you will get the chance to listen to and discuss various interesting topics with our wonderful alumni! It will take place on Tuesday, February 8th, 17:30 - 19:00 in T3-02 or online. Interested? 🤔 Don’t miss a chance and sign up through the following link:forms.gle/zWVeF9YaCL7CwGX18 P.S. There will be pizza afterwards!🍕😜Read more about our alumni:⭐Dolly⭐ was the Programme Advisory Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. She studied IBA (BSc) and Global Business & Sustainability (MSc) at RSM. Now she is working as an Innovator Analyst at Fashion For Good.⭐Isabel⭐ was the Chair of the SR Board in 2017-2018 and is now part of the SR Supervisory Board. She studied IBA (BSc), Marketing Management (MSc), and Human resource management (MSc) at RSM. Currently, she is a Corporate Recruiter at TOPdesk.⭐Evert⭐ was the Marketing & Events Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. He studied BA (BSc) at RSM, Global Strategic Management (MSc) at ESADE, and Global Commerce (MSc) at the University of Virginia. Currently, he is part of the International Talent Programme at ING. ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴PROFESSOR AWARDS 2021🔴We are honoured to present the Professor Awards 2021! Similar to last year, this event is pre-recorded and all professors, supporting staff and students contributed to make this video possible! This year’s theme is “Moving Forward”. We hope you take the time to watch and support the nominated and winning professors of 2021! ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴FINAL VOTING PROFESSOR AWARDS🔴 Join us for Professor Awards 2021 on Thursday, May 27 on our Instagram and Facebook! The time has come for you to honour the BEST professor of each year and final voting takes place now! VOTE NOW! www.rsmsr.nl/professor-awards-2021/ ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴🔴ONLINE PUB QUIZ🔴🔴Do you want to meet new people at RSM? Feel the need to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself? We have the perfect online event for you!Together with Prof. Madertoner, SR will be hosting an online pub quiz open to any RSM student! All participants have the chance to win a special online escape room voucher. Get to know your fellow students in an informal and interactive environment on Thursday, 29 October at 6PM CET! Link below to sign up for our event now! chat.whatsapp.com/B6eS8pcWUm12hPgFRNuaQ3 ... See MoreSee Less
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Feedback - IBA 1

Here you can find your IBA 1 courses and the corresponding representatives. If you have any questions or feedback, please click on the respective course and fill in the survey. All data will be dealt with strict confidentiality and will only be used to improve the course or to respond to your questions.

In case your issue is very urgent, please email feedbackIBA@rsmsr.nl

First Block

Introduction to BusinessLiepa Saudauskaite, Amaury Jeanjean
Marketing Management Xander Nijmeijer, Federica Ottonello, Shraddha Quandinya
Mathematics Salma Sayed, Anna-Maria Radeva
Organisational Behaviour
Nour Mahmoud, Olivia Hopp
Professional Development & MentoringPrudence Lanel, Diego Martin de Lagarde

Second Block

Philosophy of Science Dmitry Pekov, Sevval Yilmaz & Youssef Abouhussein
AccountingTuran Gadzijev, Xin Yun Stiemsma & Ben Gabrovic
Introduction to BusinessAta Engin & Chiara Pagliacci
Professional Development & MentoringShraddha Puri & Emiel Borsboom

Third Block

EconomicsShraddha Puri & Chiara Pagliacci
Spreadsheet Modeling Turan Gadzijev & Youssef Abouhussein
Finance Ben Gabrovic & Ata Engin
Xin Yun Stiemsma & Emiel Borsboom
Strategic Business Plan Xin Yun Stiemsma & Sevval Yilmaz
Professional Development & MentoringShraddha Puri & Emiel Borsboom

Fourth Block

Operations ManagementAta Engin & Turan Gadzijev
Quantitative Decision MakingYoussef Abouhussein & Emiel Borsboom
Business Information ManagementBen Gabrovic & Chiara Pagliacci
Strategic Business Plan Xin Yun Stiemsma & Sevval Yilmaz
Professional Development & MentoringShraddha Puri & Emiel Borsboom

* some courses go through mulitple Trimesters / Blocks, so just give feedback for them in the previous link on the Block before. Like for example for SBP and Professional Development. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your help and SPEAK YOUR MIND!!