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RSM Student Representation
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SR is hosting an alumni event where you will get the chance to listen to and discuss various interesting topics with our wonderful alumni! It will take place on Tuesday, February 8th, 17:30 - 19:00 in T3-02 or online. Interested? 🤔 Don’t miss a chance and sign up through the following link:forms.gle/zWVeF9YaCL7CwGX18 P.S. There will be pizza afterwards!🍕😜Read more about our alumni:⭐Dolly⭐ was the Programme Advisory Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. She studied IBA (BSc) and Global Business & Sustainability (MSc) at RSM. Now she is working as an Innovator Analyst at Fashion For Good.⭐Isabel⭐ was the Chair of the SR Board in 2017-2018 and is now part of the SR Supervisory Board. She studied IBA (BSc), Marketing Management (MSc), and Human resource management (MSc) at RSM. Currently, she is a Corporate Recruiter at TOPdesk.⭐Evert⭐ was the Marketing & Events Coordinator of the SR Board in 2017-2018. He studied BA (BSc) at RSM, Global Strategic Management (MSc) at ESADE, and Global Commerce (MSc) at the University of Virginia. Currently, he is part of the International Talent Programme at ING. ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴PROFESSOR AWARDS 2021🔴We are honoured to present the Professor Awards 2021! Similar to last year, this event is pre-recorded and all professors, supporting staff and students contributed to make this video possible! This year’s theme is “Moving Forward”. We hope you take the time to watch and support the nominated and winning professors of 2021! ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴FINAL VOTING PROFESSOR AWARDS🔴 Join us for Professor Awards 2021 on Thursday, May 27 on our Instagram and Facebook! The time has come for you to honour the BEST professor of each year and final voting takes place now! VOTE NOW! www.rsmsr.nl/professor-awards-2021/ ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴🔴ONLINE PUB QUIZ🔴🔴Do you want to meet new people at RSM? Feel the need to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself? We have the perfect online event for you!Together with Prof. Madertoner, SR will be hosting an online pub quiz open to any RSM student! All participants have the chance to win a special online escape room voucher. Get to know your fellow students in an informal and interactive environment on Thursday, 29 October at 6PM CET! Link below to sign up for our event now! chat.whatsapp.com/B6eS8pcWUm12hPgFRNuaQ3 ... See MoreSee Less
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RSM Student Representation - Brand Guidelines

Project run by Michelle Grieve

The SR Toolbox is designed to provide guidelines for the Marketing of RSM Student Representation. The purpose of these guidelines is to shape, strengthen and define the brand image of SR.

The guidelines and templates provided below ensure that promotional activities are supported by graphics that are recognisably SR. These templates are, for example, to be used by the Marketing Committee to promote the next Open Feedback Days.

An effective marketing strategy requires recognizable and consistent text, logos, colour pallets and a mission statement. All of which can be accessed in the information below.

The Guidelines Include:

A mission statement

The major goal of the Student Representation (SR) is to look after the interests of the student body through representation on faculty and university level. We are an intermediary between students and the faculty personnel.


There are three main logos that are used in the Marketing of RSM Student Representation:

*Note: As part of the marketing committee, you are required to include (at least) one of these logos in your design.

Photoshop Documents

When designing photoshop documents, the font is Museo Sans and the logo colour is #dd3333.

For external and internal events that occur frequently within SR, there are existing Photoshop templates. These include Facebook Banners for Open Feedback Days and other Internal Events such as the SR Beer Cantus or BBQ.

There are also A4 Flyer templates for Professor Awards and Second Reader, however, members of the marketing committee are requested to be creative with each design. The template guideline is purely to indicate size and layout.

A3 Poster templates may only be accessed upon request.

Other Documents

The RSM Today Presentation template is used to share interesting and relevant information with students during the lecture breaks. This news channel initiative was started in collaboration with STAR, thus it is important that both the SR and STAR logos are featured in these slides.

The Email template you may attach at the end of every SR-related email you send. Whether you are the SR treasurer or IBA1 representative for Organizational Behaviour, this template can be used to sign-off your name at the end of an email. Aside from looking dope, it also helps as a reminder of the importance of your role within SR.

Email Signature

WordPress Pages

When creating a new page, use the following method for adding titles:

  • Add edge section Title: “The Guidelines Include:
  • Enable separator: Yes
  • Colour: #dd3333
  • Font size: 30px
  • Font style: Normal
  • Font weight: 500
  • Letter spacing: 2px
  • Text allign: Center

Shortcut: By clicking “Clone” you can duplicate the Title and edit the text. Use when adding elements to an existing page.
*Note: All information about an existing element can be found by clickingEdit“.

Google Analytics Account

The ‘Google Analytics’ account was set up using Google Tag Manager. This account allows us to monitor information about the number and type of visitors that access the SR website. The benefit of this application is our greater knowledge of (a) which pages require improvements to design or marketing, and (b) which audiences we need to target more.
To access the information described above, use Google Analytics. If you wish to access more in-depth information, e.g. about tracking resource downloads, you can easily set up a Click Trigger and Google Analytics tag using Google Tag Manager to track what and where resources are being downloaded. Log-in details to this account can be accessed upon request.
*Note: The tracking code is automatically attached to each page, therefore, it is unnecessary to insert the analytics tracking code in the Header of any newly created page.


Log in: rsm.sr.marketing@gmail.com

Password: marketing.rsm.sr