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Dear RSM Students!

Today, Wednesday and Thursday we are having the Open Feedback Days in T3 (Mandeville Building, close to the escalators)!
Come to our stand, get some free coffee and a Kitkat while filling out a survey and/or voting for your favorite professor of this Trimester! 😊
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- Reminder -
The Application Deadline for joining SR is tonight, 23:59h! Apply by sending CV + Motivation Letter to info@rsmsr.nl
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Last Chance!
At 23:59 is the Application Deadline for Minor Representatives! Send your CV & Motivation to feedbackminor@rsmsr.nl!
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2 months ago

RSM Student Representation

Sale is open now, reserve your Second Hand books now!!Second Reader Sale starts tomorrow, 07. September, at 15.30h!

First time you're buying books through Second Reader? This is how it works:

Step 1: Go to www.rsmsr.nl/second-reader/

Step 2: Click on the fancy button 'Reserve Your Books'

Step 3: Select the Trimester you're in

Step 4: Select the books you want!

ATTENTION: you are NOT guaranteed to have actually reserved the books selected. Please wait until you receive an email confirming your reservation.
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- Minor Representatives Deadline Extended -
We are still looking for Representatives for the following Minors:

> Deepening Minor: Accounting Skills
> Entrepreneurship
> Game Theory for Managers
> Learning by doing: Consulting to Social Entrepreneurs
> Learning from Big Data
> Strategy Consulting
> The Moral Limits of Markets

Do you want to be the voice of your student body? Send your CV and motivation letter to feedbackminor@rsmsr.nl by Saturday, September 8th at 23:59!
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3 months ago

RSM Student Representation

Second Reader is back!The cheapest booksale on campus is back on the following dates:

✔️ Collection Dates (SR-Office, T5-54)
- Thursday, 30 August 15-18h
- Wednesday, 05 September 13-16h

✔️ Sale Date (online)
- Friday, 07 September 2018 from 15:30h

✔️ Pick-up Dates (SR Office, T5-54)
- Monday, 10 September 11-14h
- Tuesday, 11 September 11-14h

Not heard about Second Reader yet? Find out more here: www.rsmsr.nl/second-reader/
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6 months ago

RSM Student Representation
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RSM Debate 2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Last Wednesday the annual RSM SR Professor Awards took place. It was a great afternoon with many winners, speakers, and guests. We congratulate all the winning professors and hope that everybody felt like a winner. We are happy to announce the financial contribution from SR & the RSM to a small foundation supporting orphans in South-Africa. Together we donated €1410 to the Stichting MaSi Foundation to stimulate a force for positive change. We are proud that all our tickets were sold out and that we even welcomed many guests who are not affiliated with the RSM. Many guests made an individual donation to the MASI foundation and we would like to thank them for this. Furthermore, we would like to thank Steef van de Velde, Dean of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, who shared some words on SR, the MASI Foundation and the new mission statement of the RSM. All in all, we had a great time. We hope that all guests enjoyed our show and the event in general!

If you missed it, see the winners here: www.rsmsr.nl/professor-awards/
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6 months ago

RSM Student Representation

Professor Awards 2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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We are very proud to announce the new board of SR!

Sander Wijnen - Chairman
Arian Trieb - Marketing & Events Coordinator
Nine van Donkersgoed - BA Coordinator
Jessica Woitalla - IBA Coordinator
Florian Dohmen - Secretary & Treasurer
Jonas Kaiser - PA Coordinator

Do you want to meet them? Come to Eetcafé De Stoep tonight at 20:00!
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Dear Students,

It's time for the final votes for the Professor Awards. The nominees are known and you can now vote for the best professor of the year:

BA1: goo.gl/forms/YHUVdrawSVdR9PlJ2

BA2: goo.gl/forms/wOVt7fgiATOkkBJg2

BA3: goo.gl/forms/TbykwYrPuqXNEthl1

IBA1: goo.gl/forms/9BN53HtO6FfZO6ut1

IBA2: goo.gl/forms/94tFXRfL4OxbaJaB2

IBA3: goo.gl/forms/8UP1Zx3qQzGxZyUu2

Supporting offices: goo.gl/forms/NpxKX8LzCsMn97p52
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Dear students,
It's time to vote for the best professor of the Trimester again. Have your say using the voting sheets below!

goo.gl/forms/QnF3k9dSiz2qXRij1 IBA 1

goo.gl/forms/xePvRGX1o3YOkl1x1 IBA 2

goo.gl/forms/YWLkO3bS0NmrmjK82 IBA 3

goo.gl/forms/GSF2aKUm291K6eXB3 BA 1

goo.gl/forms/Lc1pZ5j8lu2SSHfq1 BA 2

goo.gl/forms/vCORMAXD1Y1dxc3Z2 BA 3

See you May 16th at the event!
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7 months ago

RSM Student Representation

Dear student,

As a board member of SR, you have a very important job. You’ll be leading an organization of 100+ motivated people. You’ll be collaborating with the University to continuously improve the education at RSM. Besides academic responsibilities, you are organizing amazing internal and external events. One of them is a trip to foster and reward the teamwork within the organization. This year we went to Lille, Paris and a beautiful medieval castle. You’d be responsible for the organization of the whole trip including the Great Gatsby ball party that took place this year!

Learn more at our recruitment drinks today In de Smitse at 16:00.

Learn more: www.rsmsr.nl/recruitment20182019/
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Second Reader

Second Reader is the second hand book sale for RSM Students Powered by SR!

Step 1: Collection

You can come to the SR Office (located at T5-54) on one of our pre-determined collection days to hand-in your old study books. We will store them and try to sell them during one of our sales. We will also determine the quality of your book. We accept and offer two qualities. Quality 1 is given to a book that, visually, looks new from the outside and the inside (so it should contain no writing or highlighting). Moreover, it must be the right version as determined by the professor of the subject. Quality 2 is given to a book that shows clear signs of usage on the outside, and/or contains writing/highlighting on the inside. Any book that is not the right version as determined by the professor of the subject, but can still be used, will immediately get a Quality 2 mark. Quality 1 books will sell for two-thirds of the original retail price and Quality 2 books will sell for one-half of the original retail price.

Collection Day

As a second- or third-year student, you can hand in your Trimester 1 or 4 books on the following day:

Thursday 30 August 15:00-18:00

Wednesday 05 September 13:00-16:00

Book List


Trimester 1

IBA – Introduction to Business


BA – Inleiding in de bedrijfskunde

Pride et al. (2016) Introduction to Business: Processes and Context, Custom Edition Q1: €35-. Q2: €26-.
IBA – Methodology






BA – Methodologie

Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill (2016). Research Methods for Business Students, 7th edition


Q1: €50-. Q2: €38-.
Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill (2015). Methoden en technieken van onderzoek, zevende editie Q1: €37-. Q2: €28-.
IBA – Organizational Behaviour


BA – Gedrag in organisaties

Robbins, Judge & Campbell (2017). Organizational Behavior. 2nd Edition Q1: €58-. Q2: € 44-.
IBA – QMT: Mathematics


BA – Wiskunde

Bradley (2013) Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business, 4th edition Q1: €33-. Q2: €25-.
IBA – Skills 1: IT No books necessary; everything provided freely on www.skills-it.nl
BA – Bedrijfskundige vaardigheden Eemeren, Grootendorst & Snoeck Henkemans (2011) Argumentatie, inleiding in het analyseren, beoordelen en houden van betogen, 4e of 5e druk Q1: €24-. Q2: €18-.
Tulder (2018) Skill Sheets. An integrated Approach to Research, Study and Management, 3rd edition Q1: – [not available!] Q2: €25-.



Trimester 4

IBA – Organizational Theory & Dynamics

BA – Organisatietheorie en dynamiek

Organisation Theory, Concepts. 1st edition RSM (custom-made version); compiled from Robbins, Barnwell (2006), 5th edition Q1: €40-. Q2: €30-.
Palmer et al. (2009), 2nd edition; Managing Organizational Change Q1: €30-. Q2: €25-.
IBA – Philosophy of Science

BA – Wetenschapsleer

Willigenburg (2012), Introduction to the Philosophy of the Management Sciences Q1: €28-. Q2: €21-.
IBA – Quantitative Decision Making

BA – Operations research en modelbouw

Hillier & Hillier – Introduction to Management Science, latest (4th) edition, McGraw Hill, Q1: €36-. Q2: €27-.
IBA – Corporate Finance

BA – Corporate Finance

Hillier et al. (2016) Corporate Finance, 3rd edition Q1: €69-. Q2: €51-.

Trimester 7

Not available for this Trimester!

Step 2: Sale

This year we are launching a brand-new reservation system! This entails that you can fill in our Online Reservation Form (access here!), listing all the books you wish to purchase (The book list in step 1 shows you which books we offer). We will try and get back to you within 24 hours with a confirmation of which books are available in which qualities (We will try to consistently update the website with the supply of our books). You can then confirm your reservation and your books will be kept aside! Afterwards, you can just come to one of our pre-determined sale days to collect and pay for your books.* This will save you all the trouble of coming to one of our sale days not knowing whether our books are in stock!

Alternatively, you can still simply attend one of sale days to see which books are in stock.

We only accept cash as a form of payment, so no bank transfers!

The deadline for handing in the reservation form for is to be determined!

Sale Day

Friday, 07 September 2018 (from 15:30h)

Pick-up Days:

Monday, 10 September 2018 (from 11h to 14h; 10.30h – 14h for IBA1 students!)

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 (from 11h to 14h)

Step 3: Wiring Your Money

After completing our sales you will receive an email informing you which of your books have been sold. We will then wire you the sale price for each book, minus 2 Euros. 1 Euro will go to marketing costs and the remaining Euro will be donated to a charity! We will also inform you which of your books have not been sold, you can then pick these up from the SR office at a later date.


By selling your books through Second Reader you will save yourself the hassle of trying to contact someone who would want to buy your books.

By buying your books through Second Reader you will get the best deal for second-hand books anywhere!


Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions, I am aware that if my book(s) do not sell, and I do not pick up the books within 3 months of dropping them off, second reader has the right to dispose of my books as they see fit. The exception to this rule is if I have made a valid effort to get in contact with Second Reader through Facebook or email before the 3 month deadline, and made it clear that I am unable to pick up my book(s) because of exchange or other personal reasons. At which point the 3 months deadline gets extended by another 3 months, to a total of 6 months after the collection date.

*Disclaimer for reservation system

If I choose to accept a reservation, I understand that I will collect and pay for my reservation on one of the days as prescribed in the email communication with SR. If I fail to collect my reservation on one of these days I understand that my reservation will no longer hold. Moreover, I understand that in the future I will no longer be able to reserve books from SR.

Contact us either through secondreader@rsmsr.nl or via Facebook.