Representatives collect feedback through various channels and have a personal talk with the respective professor. By doing so, Student Representation builds a good relationship between the student body and the academic staff.


Program Advisory

PA consists of Programme Development, 7thTrimester, and Examinations. PA works with Programme Management, International Office, Career Centre, and other departments concerned to work out solutions for the issues raised.


SR aims to not only improve the quality of lectures and the program structure; it also aims to create a community feeling for its (I)BA programs.


Our mission is to look after the interests of students through representation on the faculty and university level. We are an intermediary between students and faculty personnel. The SR ensures an exchange of information and feedback between those bodies. This comes to expression in the evaluation, improvement proposals, and guarding of the education quality at RSM Erasmus University, for both the BA and IBA programs.


SR has become a well-respected organization within the Rotterdam School of Management. Students can hand in their feedback for their courses via Social Media, the website, and of course via their student representatives. In 2011, the SR added a new section of representation: Programme Advisory. Students can hand in their feedback regarding more “general” academic procedures, including examination, general studies, and the 7th trimester.

The purpose of Programme Advisory is to improve the program as a whole. The SR changed a lot of course-related topics and improved the quality of the university. In 2015, SR further expanded to represent the minors of the Rotterdam School of Management. SR has also continuously worked on improving its processes, such as its feedback gathering mechanisms.

commissions & councils

Finally, the SR creates an impact on the educational quality through the presence in different Commissions and Councils: Our aim is to be represented in the Faculty Council, Management Committee, Programme Committee, and the University Council. By participation we are able to communicate feedback between all stakeholders within the faculty and university. This is highly important for several issues that go beyond the scope of one study and therefore cannot be addressed by representatives. Through the activities of the SR we are able to use the common point from the student body to implement it into the decision making of the faculty and university.