Programme Advisory

What are our goals?

The aim of Programme Advisory (PA) is to facilitate the continuous improvement of the academic environment of IBA and BA. This is done by gathering feedback through surveys and focus groups. There are three committees under PA: Programme Development blocks 9&10 and Examinations. PA works with Programme Management, International Office, Career Centre, and other departments concerned to work out solutions for the issues raised.

What we do

Programme Development

Previously, we focused on investigating issues that were related to student stress, an RSM identity, and the RSM mission statement. A prospect area of interest for the upcoming year is researching e-learning within the faculty. Another current topic of interest is Boost the Bachelor 2.0, a project which aims to completely redesign the structure of the bachelor courses.

Block 9&10

Throughout the year, we will collect feedback from both BA and IBA students to improve the information flow about the different options offered during blocks 9&10. Together, we want to improve your experience of blocks 9&10 and answer any questions you might have! The main topics which we will discuss throughout the year are the Exchange and the Internship.


Identifying issues and areas of improvement concerning the overall examination situation in the RSM bachelor programmes. These findings are then discussed with the RSM Examination Board in order to make long term improvements.

Like the famous artist Van Gogh once said, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. Therefore, our objective is to make sure all student voices are being listened to, no matter the size of the impact or the degree of novelty because everyone’s voice counts!
Emma, Romane and Alessandro 

We discussed the possibility of increasing the number of credits for the course, and are pushing the idea to program management. So far, a large number of students have said its their favourite course of the IBA programme until now, and we intend to increase the number of credits to benefit others who take the course!

Sagar and Lloyd

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