IBA Representation

What are our goals?

The Student Representation’s main aim is to improve the quality of education at RSM Erasmus University by facilitating and improving the feedback exchange between the student body and faculty personnel. Student Representation gives students a voice and makes students’ opinion being heard. To achieve this, Student Representatives are recruited carefully and trained. These Student Representatives then collect feedback through various channels and have a personal talk with the respective professor. By doing so, Student Representation builds a good relationship between the student body and the academic staff.

Furthermore, Student Representation plans to exchange experiences between the Dutch BA Program and the International IBA Program. Therefore, Student Representatives will work closely together in the future. Moreover, predecessors’ experience regarding certain courses and professors will be taken into consideration to avoid repeated mistakes and problems by profiting from Student Representatives’ work of previous years.


What are our responsibilities?

The Student Representation is responsible for creating and upholding a good relationship between students, professors and the Program Management. Through careful feedback collection and communication the overall quality of courses is improved.

As representation of courses is the core business of Student Representation, recruitment and training of new Student Representatives is crucial. RSM Bachelor courses are usually represented by at least two students. During the first lecture of a course these Student Representatives introduce themselves. They are then responsible for communicating possible issues to the professor and gathering general feedback through various channels, such as surveys, personal talks and emails.

Representatives need to collect feedback from at least 30 different students in order to get a reliable impression of the course. In total, they have two personal meetings with the professor per trimester (mid-term and at after the final exam). After expressing crucial points to the professor, the mid-term report summarises feedback and outcomes of the talk halfway through the trimester, the final report at the end of the trimester, respectively. Those reports, as well as other agreements with the professor, will be checked by the coordinators and communicated toward students and the Program Management.

Like the famous artist Van Gogh once said, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. Therefore, our objective is to make sure all student voices are being listened to, no matter the size of the impact or the degree of novelty because everyone’s voice counts!
Emma, Romane and Alessandro 

We discussed the possibility of increasing the number of credits for the course, and are pushing the idea to program management. So far, a large number of students have said its their favourite course of the IBA programme until now, and we intend to increase the number of credits to benefit others who take the course!

Sagar and Lloyd

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Recruitment takes place in September

SR offers you a wide variety of activities that you can participate in. You can choose to be a Student Representative or a Committee Member – or apply for both! In either case you will work in a close knit team and be able to develop your skills as an intermediary or in the execution of diverse projects.